Innovative technologies and responsible solutions for the natural gas industry

Natural gas is a key stepping stone on the renewable energy journey to zero carbon emissions

Natural gas is an abundant resource and a clean burning alternative to coal and oil.
Сheap, abundant and powerful – gas has the potential to do much more than just heat, its energy can be used to make biodegradable polymers, animal feed and many other derivatives.
As we move to add a further two billion people to our planet by 2050, we urgently need new environmentally sound, food and feed sources, to nourish ourselves and our farmed animals.

Circe is a group of companies, developing innovative solutions for the efficient use of natural gas.

From idea generation, through research and development to scaling and market launch.

Circe solutions share many core technologies, teams and opportunities are grouped by market sector.

Core values

Environmental consciousness in everything we do
Cutting edge technologies
Repeatable and scalable science
Industrial design - simple and dependable
Circular and looped resource solutions

Science is at the heart of our work

Circe in house scientists are meshed with European universities and Russian research institutes forming a global network of dedicated experts.
Achievements are protected through an extensive program of Intellectual Property reviews and registrations.
New technologies follow a proprietary development path from opportunity on-boarding, through progressive feasibility reviews to prototyping and scaling.
Circe is a resident of Skolkovo the Russian partner of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


FEB 2018
Start of Bioprotein line

Evaluation and first applied research

FEB 2019
First prototype built

Bioreactor 1.0

FEB 2019
Reactor commissioning

Methanol production reactor installed

MARCH 2020
Machine manual testing

Machine test in manual mode

MAY – JUNE 2020
Agreement with IBPM

Cooperation agreement with Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Microorganisms

JULY 2020
Automatic testing

Machine test in automatic mode


DEC 2020
Agreement with TU Wien

Cooperation agreement with Technical University of Vienna

DEC 2020
Start of Biodegradable polymers line

Austrian research activities

DEC 2020
Agreement with SFAR

Beginning of joint work with the State Fund for Advanced Research

JAN 2021
Skolkovo resident

Resident of Skolkovo Science and Technology Center

JAN 2021
Pilot batch of Bioprotein

Production of a pilot batch of Bioprotein

JUN 2021
Test production

Test production of Vortex tubes

AUG 2021
Methanol 2.0

Creation of methanol reactor 2.0


Q2 2022

Pilot batch of biodegradable polymers

Q2 2022

Pilot batch of food protein

Q3 2022

Commercial batch of feed protein

Q2 2023

Commercial batch of food protein