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Protein: feed & food

Modern feed base

The cost of the end products reduction

Improving the quality of the end product

An effective response to the challenge of food supplies to a rapidly growing population

  • Purpose

    Partial or complete replacement of vegetable protein with our raw materials for the production of animal feed with similar consumer qualities and reduced cost.
  • Objective

    Stable supply of high-quality protein to feed producers through the creation of a competitive production of hypoallergenic protein concentrate.
  • Strategy

    The task will be solved by organizing an innovative energy-saving production of protein microbial synthesis of aerobic microorganisms using methane as a source of carbon and energy.
4.46 mln t

Production in Russia

Approximately 5% of total world production

Annual growth rate – 25%

7.2 mln t

Soy protein market in Russia

Protein project advantages

Own microbiological base

intellectual property for two unique strains of methanotrophic microorganisms:

Methylomonas methanophilus V1

Methylococcus novellus V8

Supply stability

Production does not depend on weather conditions and can be flexibly adjusted to customer needs.

Product availability

Organization of scalable production at the consumer manufacturing or at the gas production site.

Environmental friendliness

Through the use of an innovative approach to the design of bioreactor, the energy costs for hydraulic losses are reduced due to the use of vortex technologies;

For production methane gas is used, most often utilized as associated gas;

Large areas for technical culture are not required.